Saturday, August 12, 2017

Restrooms & Sales!

Hello Friends!

Not everyday you will find me talking about rest rooms. It rarely happens . But when it affects your sales or revenue, it is worth chatting about for a little bit.

Myself, others I know, and most probably others I don't know, need to step into a retail store and our first (and may be last) stop in that store would be the rest-room, which is also called the bathroom, the powder room, or the toilets.

If the restroom is clean convenient and refreshing most probably, I would continue my shopping in that store. If not, I would depart ASAP.

Now you see how the rest room play an important role in driving your customers into your store?

Clearly, the restroom and its special features has a direct as well as an indirect effect on your sales. Let's have a moment here to check on the special features your customers expect or prefer when they choose your stores.

No. 1 Cleanliness:
I expect that your customers will appreciate this feature more than any other one. The reason is clearly the sanitary reasons and the good hygiene your stores have.

No. 2 Toilet Paper:
Available toilet paper in your restrooms is an essential feature as well, and their quality is also differentiate you from other cheap stores. I remember that one time I found at Macy's store -Sun Valley Mall- inside their rest room very cheap quality of toilet paper, the one that falls apart, goes into sticking bits and pieces to your fingers, and you try to get rid of them, and makes you irritated. I never tried that store again.

No.3 Hangers:
It's terrible when you step into the restroom, and not find any hanger to hang your merchandise bag, your purse, your keys or your glasses. While some smart stores provide you with hangers everywhere in their toilets, behind the doors, next to the wash area, or upper the toilet paper rack; other stores could have only empty holes behind the door as if someone stole those hangers, or none at all.😕

No. 4 Paper Towels:
After washing your hands, you need to dry them up. When you do not find paper towels, it is unprofessional, when the box is empty, it means nobody is checking on the rest room, or maintaining it in a good condition. If you found an air dryer, it's good only if it's working. To tell you the truth, I don't like them personally. My ears do not stand their noise and sometimes the heat is so high, it burns the skin, so I stick to elegant paper towels.

No. 5 Soap:
What happened to the perfume soap? We used to have perfumed-hand-soap, but now it's only very high quality stores which still keep this smart habit. Some stores either do not have soap at all, or have quality of soap that could bring you allergy to your hands.

No.6 Height of Toilet-Paper Box:
I wonder why does the toilet-paper's stand have to be right next to your toilet? Sometimes, it is stuck, and one would need to kneel down to figure out what was wrong with the roll? Not all stores though, I've seen few where they position the toilet-paper's box upper than the normal lower position, and I admired that, coz it meant that the management think about their customers.

No. 7 Wall-Color:
You wouldn't imagine how the color of the bathroom can affect the mood of your customers. One time a friend and I walked into a new store at Walnut Creek, and it was huge. When we entered the restroom, we found out that it was painted red, black, and some turquoise colors. It was terrible, we felt dizzy. We got out of the store at once!

I guess now it is crystal clear that your restroom can bring more sales to your stores; in other words, more money! 😉

With our love ✍

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