Friday, June 30, 2017

Know Your Money, Guys!

Hello friends,

Do you know our money?
Tell me about it. The one dollar bill has the photo of who? How about the $2 dollar bill/ the $5/ the $10/the $20/ the $50/ the $100/ the $500, or the $1000? Yes?
$1      | George Washington 

Image result for image george washington

$2  |  Thomas Jefferson 
$5 | Abraham Lincoln Related image

$10 | Alexander Hamilton  Image result for alexander hamilton

$20  | Andrew Jackson  

$50 |  Ulysses s Grant   Image result for ulysses s grant

$100 | Benjamin Franklin Image result for benjamin franklin

$500 | William McKinley  Image result for william mckinley

$1000 | Grover Cleveland   Image result for Grover Cleveland

$10,000 | Salmon P. Chase   Image result for salmon p. chase

100,000 | Woodrow Wilson   Image result for woodrow wilson

So the highest dollar bill is the $ 100,000 which is not used except by the gov. Ordinary people would not have the chance to see or touch such a denomination, for security reasons, of course! 😉

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sell Your Donkey!

An old story I heard once, and I couldn't stop laughing for the whole day. I haven't had such hilarious laughter in a long time. The story said that there was a man called "Gohha" who had a boy and a donkey.

One day, he went out with his son, and that donkey. They were walking next to the donkey, so the people started whispering: “See that man walking with his son while they have a donkey, haha!” (The donkey at that time was supposed to be used for commuting or carrying heavy things, etc.) When he heard that, Gohha, got up on the back of the donkey, and his son walked next to the donkey.

The walkers started muttering: “Look at Gohha, what an evil man he is, making himself comfortable, while leaving that poor boy walking on his feet!” 

Gohha didn't like that, so he asked his son to sit on the donkey, after he jumped down, and walked next to them. A man walking by said to Gohha: “What a fool! You let your son sit on the donkey, while you walk, do you have any brains?”

Gohha stopped and thought: “Right, why don't we both ride the donkey!” So he hopped up behind his son on the back of the donkey.

Approaching a field, where a farmer and his wife working on their plants, they lectured him, blaming: “Oh man, don’t you have some mercy? You and your son riding a young donkey like this, shame on you.” Gohha was so tired of thinking how to make people happy. In his despair moments, he asked his son, to carry the donkey with him.

“OMG!”, people kept laughing, “Look at this insane man, instead of riding the donkey he is carrying it, what a big fool!

Gohha decided to sell the donkey that day, I think, but I am not sure actually if he did. 😲

Anyway, when you are in the same situation, what do you think the best solution is? Of course, it doesn't have to be exactly the same. It is just an assumption for the sake of finding good solutions, that might work for the majority. 

Sometimes, one thing works for the majority of people, but not everyone would be happy with the same product/service/ anything else. Although everyone is different and unique yet each one is after novelty if it has some kind of benefit for the person. 

Your own responsibility is  to choose the right service/product/help so you wouldn't end up like Gohha, so exhausted or  else you will end up  selling your donkey. Haha! 😉

We'll talk again in few moments. Stay around with our hugs 😘

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tittle-Tattle Or Gossips!

Remember it all depends on what kind of relationship you pursue!

Long-term relations must be built on solid grounds and trust. You would not allow gossiping about a person you really care for. Your only choice will be either to join them (the gossiping gang), or to say "No". It's that simple!

My dear friends it is not easy to do this, I know. Let me share this with you:

Why Gossiping?
There must be many reasons for gossiping; why else it continues to be there. I know few reasons
goasI assure you, it is not only you, who can be in this situation. It could happen to anyone. Last week, I met a friend downtown Berkeley, he asked me if I was going to adopt a baby? I thought where that came from, and I asked him. He said that in the staff meeting, when I was absent, someone mentioned it when our director recommended my class and I to be a leading group in a certain event.

Unfortunately, that colleague, who said I was busy with adopting a baby, wanted to spread a rumor. LOL! Probably I understood why she came up with such a tittle-tattle. But the question is: Is this ethical? Of course not. She wanted that spot and it was easy for her to say something like that. Her rumor was weak and nobody believed her, but it didn't matter. She lost not only my friendship but also my respect!

What is Gossiping? It's talking about someone who is not present in a bad way, criticizing him/her/hx for any of the above-mentioned causes . In some cultures, the one who is doing the gossip is described as someone who is eating the flesh of his dead brother. This is a horrible imagery. I agree. May be the reason for the resemblance is that it is considered a terrible act. However, if you want to be respected and appreciated by others, you will have to avoid being part of gossips.

Gossiping is good for the media, coz celebrities can get a lot of propaganda by using fake gossips, to be spread among people who are fans or not, but it will make them talk about the movie or  the show. Talk about any media materials via gossiping or rumors make all the difference when it comes to ratings. It is used here for making money.

gosSo gossips can be profitable for some products in the media world, and can be harmful in the real world, because people are human beings, and sometimes invading their privacy is unacceptable and harmful.

In every workplace, there is some kind of gossiping trends; sometimes it hurts, and others not. At the end of the day, gossiping people are fragile. Anything can break them. They live in a world of their imaginations. They are disliked, and they feel it. They are not respected. They have an inferiority complex that make them feel that the whole world is against them. They have poor taste in wording their gossips.

Then how to avoid being part of the gossiping community if really disapprove of such a bad habit? There are many tricks and methods that can help you to do thatOther ways may involve this.

Again my friends, the most important thing to remember is that if you care for strong relationships, you should avoid being involved in any gossips which may harm the ones you love to keep for long-term relationships.

We'll talk soon 😏

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fortune Teller

When we went to that café in San Francisco, the owner told us that his aunt can read or interpret  the residual coffee grounds, remaining in our cups, or on our saucers. Her interpretation will tell us about things that happened or will happen in the future...

cof1We wanted to believe what he said, but it was hard to believe in what was called "Tasseography", "Tasseomancy", or "Coffee Grounds Reading".

We were told that many cultures believe in reading the remaining grounds  which after we drink our coffee would remain sitting in the bottom of our cups. The following site explains how readers do this and tell you about events  in your future. It's up to you to believe it or not. More

There is some similarity between palm reading and Turkish coffee or Tea Leaves reading, coz all of them are done by fortune tellers.

My friend and I  agreed to have the owner's aunt  read our cups. When we drank that Turkish coffee, it tasted very delicious, it had special exquisite smell.

It left thick sediment at the bottom of our cups. The aunt swirled the cups turning them upside down, so the grounds fell down making some patterns and shapes on the inside white surface of the cups.
Those shapes and images created were supposed to be predicting future happenings. The coffee fortune teller was able to look at those patterns, and see special icons that suggested symbols which they relate to certain events.

cof1There is plenty to be said about what happened in that café but the most important part was that my friend's cup had, as we were told,  some athlete equipment, some books, n others which made the aunt able to come up with conclusions regarding the job of my friend.

It was completely accurate to my best  knowledge. As for my cup, it was full of music symbols, Z letter, which is the first letter of It was everywhere inside my cup, and on the saucer.  The teller told me things nobody else knew.

My cup had dancers, as that lady told me, which was quite interesting simply because we never saw her before. She was completely stranger to us. When she said that, it was a shock! 😲
We couldn't believe her! We were mesmerized! Until this moment, I don't have a clue how that happened. 

There is no such a thing as being able to read  the future, the past, or any period of your life. It just happened and if you have any explanation for this pls let me know, coz I am still puzzled until this very moment. All I can say is that the coffee was unbelievably excellent, so was the Fortune Teller  ðŸ˜‰

Until we talk again soon, here's our hugs & greetings ✍

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Treasure!

I'm not dreaming or imagining, it was true, yet it was like a movie act, not a real life happening!
After finishing my Zumba class in In-Shape, I got out of the building, went to my car, backed up from the parking spot I was in, n turned to the right, heading towards the exit. The exit had two sides: one with an arrow in and one with an arrow out. I was driving towards the one to my right departing out  slowly using that side.

It was dark, but the car's lights showed me something on the ground. It seemed to be a black something. It looked like a some huge jacket, a dead animal, or a bag. I was not sure what it was. If I passed over it, it might be pushed over or pushed aside. What I thought at first was that it might be stuck up onto the bottom of my car and damaged it.

I backed up n I parked right next to the exit, and thought for few moments. Was it a big bag? I wasn't sure. Should I go and get it? should I take it? Should I call the police n report a black bag in the middle of an exit? Millions of questions came to my mind in seconds: I should check up what it was, but should I know what was inside first? After all, finders keepers, but how about if it was a dead animal inside? or a gun used in a crime n the criminal wanted to get rid of it? Ah! But may be it was money; a lot of money, green cash! 😨😨

No, I should call the police! Probably it was a trap; n someone wanted to see who would take the bag, n follow them. OMG! I remembered Joe (Joseph), a co-worker used to talk non-stop about how he found a bag next to the river bed ,  opened it and found precious mechanics tools; then, he took it to the police. It remained there at the police station for a certain time, then they released it for him after nobody claimed it. He said it was worth around $300.

Anyway it was a bag for sure. After I was tired of thinking, I decided to pick up the bag, & I looked around to see if someone was coming looking for it. The bag was sitting there didn't look like a sports handbag, it was similar to lawyers' bags. When I held it up, it was rather heavy, which made me more suspicious, asking myself, should I continue taking it to my car, or should I just put it on the sidewalk, n forget about it?

You know "Curiosity killed the cat", and that was what made me freaked out, but I took the bag n put it in my car on my back seat. I hopped up to my driver's seat, n drove, but believe me, I wasn't sure where I was going.

It felt kind of adventure, not spiritual adventure though  I thought I would go to the police station like what Joe did n gave the black bag to them, and they would better decide what to do with it, but then again the thought of having money inside replayed  in my mind. So I imagined that I could stop at any bank parking area, which was considered relatively safer place to stop at by night, and check it up fast.

The nearest one was Chase Bank, so I drove in and stopped the car. When I put my hand on the door to open, a fast car drove into the parking area, and there was two guys inside the car. I thought that was it, I brought it on myself. So my instant reaction was to  drive as fast as possible out of that spot, which I did. My heart was pounding with fear, and my fingers were cold as ice.

Thoughts about prohibited or controlled drugs such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, or other might be in that bag, n might belong to a gang, n they were probably looking for it everywhere, coz it might worth a lot of money.

Alligator Doctors Bag 1Enough! Woo!  I headed back to my In-Shape, and took the bag to the receptionist. I told her that I found it in the parking lot, n that probably one of the members dropped it. She asked me to wait, n brought the manager, who was clearly hesitant about accepting that bag. The manager said: "Thank you for your help, but we need to make sure that the bag is safe." I said: "I don't know what is inside this bag." He then asked me if he could open the bag, to which I answered 'Yes'. But then I said : “Wait! Why are you asking my permission?” He said: “Coz you are the owner of this bag; it was not inside our building, so it is yours, until someone else claims it.” Then he continues, “Anything inside the bag also will be yours!”

Oh! Only then I remembered many things about ownership. He was right.Oh! Why did I put myself in that situation? I started blaming myself for acting foolish like that. I still wanted to know what was inside. “Go ahead and open it, I get the picture”, I murmured it. 

He opened the bag, and what a surprise, there was another bag inside, but different in shape: it was an old model for a doctor's bag, its color was yellowish cream. The manager asked me again if he could open the second bag. Of course my answer was “Yes”. Curiosity was eating me up. He did opened the antique doctor's bag to find a box!

Not any box though, it was a 15" x 25" x 16" in Cabinet with mother-of-pearl in a design of flowers and leaves, with gilded hinges and escutcheon and fitted parquetry interior, which we didn't know at the time that it was estimated for over 10 K!
boCan you imagine, how I felt! I always consider myself lucky, by all means, but not this kind of luck. I mean I never found something that is worth a large amount of money.
At that moment, I said: “Thank you, manager. Let me handle the rest.” I took the box put it back into the doctor's bag, and I put the doctor's bag inside the lawyer's bag, and closed everything as it was.” I left my name and my phone number to the manager, and I told him, if anyone asked about that bag kindly to give him/her/ hx* my number.
I didn't want to open the box, coz the box looked very precious. I didn't want anyone from those standing there to know what was inside, so they might tell someone to claim it. Only the real owner would know what was inside that box.

Until then, I would keep my Treasure, and I'll talk to you sooner than you can imagine. Love you all 😍