Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Fortune Teller

When we went to that café in San Francisco, the owner told us that his aunt can read or interpret  the residual coffee grounds, remaining in our cups, or on our saucers. Her interpretation will tell us about things that happened or will happen in the future...

cof1We wanted to believe what he said, but it was hard to believe in what was called "Tasseography", "Tasseomancy", or "Coffee Grounds Reading".

We were told that many cultures believe in reading the remaining grounds  which after we drink our coffee would remain sitting in the bottom of our cups. The following site explains how readers do this and tell you about events  in your future. It's up to you to believe it or not. More

There is some similarity between palm reading and Turkish coffee or Tea Leaves reading, coz all of them are done by fortune tellers.

My friend and I  agreed to have the owner's aunt  read our cups. When we drank that Turkish coffee, it tasted very delicious, it had special exquisite smell.

It left thick sediment at the bottom of our cups. The aunt swirled the cups turning them upside down, so the grounds fell down making some patterns and shapes on the inside white surface of the cups.
Those shapes and images created were supposed to be predicting future happenings. The coffee fortune teller was able to look at those patterns, and see special icons that suggested symbols which they relate to certain events.

cof1There is plenty to be said about what happened in that café but the most important part was that my friend's cup had, as we were told,  some athlete equipment, some books, n others which made the aunt able to come up with conclusions regarding the job of my friend.

It was completely accurate to my best  knowledge. As for my cup, it was full of music symbols, Z letter, which is the first letter of 1Zumba.com. It was everywhere inside my cup, and on the saucer.  The teller told me things nobody else knew.

My cup had dancers, as that lady told me, which was quite interesting simply because we never saw her before. She was completely stranger to us. When she said that, it was a shock! 😲
We couldn't believe her! We were mesmerized! Until this moment, I don't have a clue how that happened. 

There is no such a thing as being able to read  the future, the past, or any period of your life. It just happened and if you have any explanation for this pls let me know, coz I am still puzzled until this very moment. All I can say is that the coffee was unbelievably excellent, so was the Fortune Teller  😉

Until we talk again soon, here's our hugs & greetings ✍

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