Monday, January 13, 2020


If you were asked to leave by your host, you'd leave in dignity! ;) Welcome back dearest friends and readers from everywhere in our beautiful small world: the US, Denmark, India, Israel, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Bahamas, Chile, Egypt, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Vietnam, Albania, Portugal, New Zealand, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Japan, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka! ;) .

Why does the US insist on wasting your youth in Iraq? 
Why do you have to be invaders?
Why didn't you do the same with North Korea or China?
Two legitimate questions were asked by young healthy smart students.Qatar AirwaysShop Few ModaIt's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus Size
S: "Where is our dignity? What's in it for Trump to be against Mosslem countries all of a sudden?
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M: "Previously the President publicly promised to withdraw all American troops and focus on the internal issues. He should spend the trillions on the homeless who became homeless because of the trillions that were spend on wars against people who didn't do anything for our country. They didn't like their leaders, so what?  It is their own problem. Not ours."

B: "You need to take good care of your people not to turn them into beggars everywhere; they are now standing at every curb and every corner of streets everywhere. It's real shame to put billions and billions in wars and killing other people who are capable of taking care of their own internal issues."
S: "Mexico refused the interference of the US with a gang that kills people in the middle of the daylight. the US accepted that. The US didn't put sanctions or went in war with Mexico when refusing Trump's offer. And it was the right thing to do."
B: "Yeh, now, it's the same exact situation with Iraq. Let them alone leave them to work it out among themselves and their neighbors. Be respectful to the wishes of other people. They do not need us to spend all this money in vain. Give them a break and give the US people a break as well."
G: "It's absolutely against all traditions and creeds to be bias. You will not be doing any good to any US citizen by the continuation of war songs. Stop it and focus on prosperity for the US people who will choose you if stick to peace for their own best interest."
N: "Leave Iraq along. You don't need that. You'd lose more of your credibility. You'd lose it all. Leave antagonism to human beings. Leave bias and using double standards. Give world people a break! We don't want more dislike. Stop justifying killing others for protection; it's a lame excuse not working any more."
SeaBear Smokehouse50% Off Select Filtration SystemsG: "Right, let go of those poor people. Isn't it enough what they went through for more than a decade? Peace is critically wanted."

Until we chat again, is "leave" a clue? Think about it and catch up with our previous related topics with our hugs and kisses <3


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