Tuesday, March 5, 2019

$700, (Trillions)?!

Welcome back dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Nepal, the UK, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Brazil, Greece, Australia, India, and Philippines! 😉

Who are these people?Today, we’re talking to you, sane people!
It’s just a tiny mathematical calculation as follows:
                             $ 700,  ÷  324,460.000 =  ???.??????
Grab your calculator and see how much each of you should have earned if that amount of money went to your own pocket, being a good patient citizen in your country -the USA.
Where did this amount come from?,  you asked. It came from the mouth of your President. Yes, a $700 trillion was the amount that was spent on Iraq military operations, which returned ZERO benefit  to you. Listen:

Therefore, if you divided that amount by the number of your current population, it would make everyone in the US a millionaire, and that was for only ONE country. Can you imagine this gigantic amount we’re talking about. Now, who should be held responsible for that? Where’s your money? Your money has gone by the people who are sitting in the Congress, signing bills to pass to distribute your money. Are you still sane?
It’s time for a reform. It’s time to get your money back. It’s all the money of your taxes. Did you pay your taxes this year?

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