Wednesday, August 3, 2016

1Zumba Slovenia!!

Welcome our dearest friends and readers. Yes, yes, & yes, you are always welcome to our pages. This is the place where you will be always and forever welcome!

Our friends from the US, Slovenia, Ireland, Mexico, Vietnam, Belgium, the Philippines, and others, to you we send our special greetings; you're just wonderful bright people, who understand the importance of new bits of info, which is exists only in leaders' minds ;)
The last time we talked, I mentioned that we will present to you a new online project, which we will do in two parts, in order to give you a chance to digest its all wonderful benefits for you, your family, relatives, friends, or any other.
 The project is born in Slovenia, by Professor Matjaž Knez & others, according  to Matjaž Knez who is a member in our FB group 1ZumbaCircles, and with whom we had an extended chat online via FB messaging.
 It's quite interesting subject, and Matjaž Knez was very open to speak about himself, his family, career, background, & prospective projects. It's amazing how people can come up with simple, yet great, ideas to benefit others, out of love, care, & business prospective as well.
As we always do, we encourage creativity, and support any idea that would help human beings and make them happier, on our beautiful Earth!
Let us give you our Competition first for those who are impatient for our next question, so we can get it out of the way. Haha! It's Question No. 47:
1Z- Q47.jpg
Now, that we posted our competition, Question No. 47, we can go on with our new fantastic online idea, which is presented to us by Slovenia Prof........
Here's what he says:
Dear Sophie,
A nice hello and once again thank you for this opportunity to share our project to your readers.
1. Who are you and what kind of interest do u have?
I am a professor at the University of Maribor from Slovenia and also a Co-founder and a CEO of Lummie Ltd. I’ve started my career at Slovenia’s biggest telecommunication operator as a marketing manager and later on moved to service development department.
I’ve gained a lot of experience from working with people from all over the world, as being a tourist guide in Egypt, Malta and France and also as a hotel manager at Slovenia seaside.
Later on, I’ve moved to my next life challenge and started working at the University of Maribor, where I’ve worked and studied at the same time. I’ve received my PhD and today work as a professor at the Faculty of logistics, University of Maribor. Besides working in academia, I am also a co-founder and a CEO of a small, but very agile company Lummie Ltd., which just recently launched a new website platform.
Its purpose is to connect people who want to share and people who want to gain new knowledge.
1Z-MatjazAt last, my main role is being a family guy, a husband and a devoted father of two sons. I live in a small town of a 45.000 population, named Celje, the third largest town in Slovenia.
2. Professor in what subject, may I ask?
At the moment I teach five subjects, but in general they are all connected to sustainability, sustainable transport, green logistics and the like. The letter means that I’m trying to teach my students that whatever companies are doing, it has to be done in a sustainable way. It means that besides following financial goals they, at the same time, have to return some money back to people, society.
1Z-MatjazThat means that the company is socially responsible. The third thing which is also becoming more and more important and that I want to teach my students is that whatever business we or companies do – they have to be environmentally friendly. This is the main idea of all my subjects, which I’m giving further to my students and which I’m also trying to incorporate into Lummie.
3. Is there any funny or embarrassing situations that happened to you when you first started (your ob)?
Maybe there were some, but I really don’t remember. I’m trying to be as I am and I think that my colleagues and my students like that the most about me.
4. Do you feel that there is a certain message that you want to deliver for our readers?
One of the reasons, that I already mentioned is our Lummie project – the web platform on web site, which we recently launched and would like to introduce it to your readers and of course to the USA market.
We are always open for any kind of cooperation, we are happy and willing to meet new people, listen to their ideas and promote their knowledge and skills. We believe this is one of the ways.
We will be very satisfied if your readers will sign up at platform and become active users, maybe as teachers – knowledge providers or students – knowledge seekers/receivers.
5. What local events you like to participate in?
There are lots of events, where the reason I’m participating in them, are my kids. This are all kind of birthday parties, taking kids to parks to play or some other kids events. Besides that I and my wife visit the theater. I am also a member of a Rotary Club International which prepares a lot of social, cultural and other events. I am a very busy person, so it is hard to take some time off.
Besides that I also think it is crucial to balance your life and find a perfect ratio between family, career, job, social life and personal time.
6. How do you choose your daily routine?
I am a family guy so I’m trying to spend as much time as I can with my family. But the projects I am involved in sometimes don’t let me. So first thing in the morning, after breakfast I drive my two sons to kindergarten and to school. Then I drive myself to my job at the University and after that, I have meetings for the Lummie project.

Later on, I try to keep in shape by doing some sports, maybe tennis or jogging and at the evening meet up with my family for dinner. At the end of the day I’m taking my kids to bed and read fairy tales. During the whole day I also take time for my wife and try to do as much of my daily things with her.
That’s the beauty of a good relationship. At last, before sleeping, I read. I read a lot of books, mostly on world development and business, which my wife orders for me. I would do it myself, but l have no time, so luckily she is there to help and keep me on track with novelties.
7. Can you tell our readers something they do not know about you or your sport, or your interests?
As said, I am a rather normal, family guy, who likes to be in shape since being in a good physical condition influences on my physical and mental health, which is crucial for family and business world. As already mentioned, I like cycling, jogging and playing tennis. Last year, I also commercialized my hobby which is making magnet souvenirs for my home and some other towns, which I sell to tourist shops. If there is time, I play guitar, but back in the days, I was also active in a rock band.
8. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
1Z-MatjazI still see myself as a professor as I love working with students and constantly learn. I think that being a professor is a way of life and it is one of the best jobs in the world. Besides that I also want to bring Lummie to that point, in which the company will be independent and successful and follow its
purpose, so make people knowledgeable and happy.
9. What do you wish to see in the future, and it's not there yet?
I wish, especially now, when I established my family, that the current world conditions would
stabilize and that people on this planet would live happily and securely. As the proverb goes: we all have the same goal, but the path towards the goal is important, and the situation in which we are currently in, has a big influence on it.
 Matjaž Knez, I can't tell you how much we are happy to speak to you. We appreciate your time, and your creativity. We publish everything you sent us, as is, no omission, no addition.
This is mentioned just to be very clear with our readers,  and our prospective guests, who expect us to add materials for their interviews, without asking us.

It is nice to have a short break here, to give you all a chance to check on that new successful idea, along with our special guest for today. Until we talk again, with the rest of this interview, here's our hugs & kisses <3

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gain Brain [Poem]

I've been through a lot of pain,
                  learning to adapt or train.
It was a shift or alter to my brain,
                  possibly was for the sake of gain.
Now, I'm watching if any,
                 of the real me remain.
Is this me?! Or was it just  somehow insane!

1Zumba, Yes!

Dear 1Zumba friends, reader, followers, writers, thinkers, and anyone else who is interested in our pages, and reading them right now, welcome to our world, where we aim at giving some useful info, even if it was a bit tiny one :)

Our gratitude is always for the US, India, Kuwait, Philippines, Canada, Australia ;)

I like to emphasize that the US consumer market sits there on the very top of the whole world, and that is a good reason for all other countries to compete to enter our market."The American consumer market is a whopping 29 per cent of world market......Consumers are energized by the availability of more jobs and lower energy prices, which are putting more money into their pockets, some of which they’re shelling out for other goods and services....."
New York Times Square
So how could we protect ourselves from the bad products, which could come to our people, with the intention of making more profit? Lately, it was found out that there has been a number of food items imported from China, should not be used for the human consumption, and others could cause cancer. Read more here.
I had a stomach ache once I read that article. I wish that those unscrupulous importers get the hardest punishment possible for taking advantage of poor innocent people.
The European and the Russian products have the advantage of better quality, and even the Far East countries such as Japan, Indonesia, & Bangladesh, we can actually import from all those countries with more confidence than with others. The Russian just need to translate their labels into English. That is all it takes.
Certainly there is a good reason why most of the investors want to invest in the US, more than any other place in the world.
"There is no shortage of reasons why investors choose the United States – from the business-friendly environment and quality of life considerations to specific technology, supply chain, infrastructure and workforce factors.
The nation’s diversity and openness are what truly allow businesses from all countries and industries to find their place in the market – and thrive."
What investors should focus on though is the heavy industries, where you can employ as many as possible from the population. Americans are very hard workers; they work 24/7 nonstop cycle, which is amazing 😲
Probably, the best thing to do for now, as one of our teachers said: "Just to give China a break & try other countries". Give them a chance to see their products, possibly it's for the best. And why not?

1Zumba friend, I always miss talking to you, and I still have a lot to say, but we need to have dinner first, then come back again to you. So here's our kisses, until then. Hey, say "Yes" 😉