Sunday, April 26, 2020

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Free Coloring Book

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Thinking of kids and learning, it's tough situation for teachers and mothers to find materials to help them keeping their kids time useful.
66 Towards this objective, after talking to friends and team members, a new Free experimental tool is created to serve and help mothers and educators for young kids age of K1 or k2. It's a Coloring Book that can be printed instantly at home.
It is composed of a number of pictures to be used in a conversational context before coloring; it's a ready-made tool that you can use without preparation. It's all ready and prepared for you, and you can also use it remotely by sending the file to the parents at home.
For more details or questions, pls email:

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Long-Term Marriage Plan!

Do you have to marry from another race/ethnicity just to prove your impartiality?! ;) Welcome back dearest great writers readers bloggers friends from everywhere the US, Brazil, Jamaica, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, and Lebanon! ;)

Why Asians prefer to marry White people?
Some said it was not true but statistics proved otherwise.
WhyBella explained that there were many reasons they did that. She added that it was a long-term plan that started very early since the day one they stepped onto your land.
"Statistically-speaking, the battles of genes and which gene will be more prevailing than others seem to be hidden but in reality they are very vigorous to a scary extent", Jack interrupted enthusiastically.
What do you think of that?

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