Saturday, January 27, 2018

Financial Discipline!

Good Morning World! Good Morning Friends!

Yes! You might be able to make it up for others, but only for those who are still around, but ...? ;) Thank you for coming back again to our pages; especially our friends and readers from the US, the UK, Spain, South Africa, Poland, Sweden, Tunisia, Iraq, Italy, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, India, the United Arab Emirates,  and Ireland 😉

You know what: sometimes life brings you some financial issues, and you'd find yourself among currents of no-solution situations. That is how it seems to be for the first look, but it is never truly like that. There is always a solution. Trust our opinion!
For every financial problem, there is one or more solutions, but you do not know about that, and you find yourself stuck there, with your frozen brain, going nowhere. It should be solvable though. As bad as it would seem to you, it is not.
First, what it the most important thing in the whole world? It is YOU!

Second, what is the second most important thing? It is Your Security and Your Health. We put them both together, because they should go hand in hand as inseparable entities.Your life is precious. Money and financial matters are made to give you a good living. If they bring you problems, then they would fail to serve your living. They should facilitate your living, which eventually would bring you happiness and satisfaction.

SophieCreditCrdsYou may say that you know that money is not that important, and that life is more important, but do you really mean it? Do you really understand that "YOU" are the most precious entity on Earth? It is a fact, and it is the truth.
Everything else in your world is built around you. Think about it for a moment, and you'll figure out how to re-calculate your time the right way, and never worry about money again.

Our advice doesn't mean that you should neglect your financial matters; it is just a pure correct perspective for seeing the truth about money.

Financial obstacles and problems can be solved as easy as boiling an egg. How? By knocking at the right doors! 

Do you know that credit cards are originally made to help you in emergency situations, and that you should not use your credit cards for luxury or over-priced products, which could lead to a high debt.

Do you know that the credit scores and all related promotions to credit cards are meant to be a business? Yes, it's a business for making money out of lending you money. It is this simple. Some parties give you money to spend. This money is a loan to be paid according to a specific interest rate according to the system those parties agree upon with you.
Lending money is a huge business, very huge!

When you have a credit card, it will allow you to spend a certain amount of money, as if you have this money in your own pocket, but it is not actually in your pocket; it's rather in an illusion pocket that is hanging out there in the air swinging back and forth begging you to spend more and more.

Nevertheless, if you spent more than what you were supposed to spend, exceeding your daily/monthly budget, it is not a big deal. It is a mistake and can be corrected. Yes, it can be corrected. If you lose all your credit, still it can be corrected. Some people would tell you that it is the end of the world having a bad credit or low FICO score, but it is not terrible thing that never happened before. It happened to many people, and they were able to right their financial path.

By financial discipline!

My friends, this is exactly the solution you need in case of financial chaos. Nice? It sounds nice. 
Remember, credit cards are made to help you at times of emergency, not for over-spending in special parties and glamorous dinners. 

Remember, any financial mistake can be corrected. You can get all possible help because YOU are the reason for all these businesses to exist. There are resources specifically for solving such problems. There is also credit cards with no annual fees. Some credit cards better than others in their terms, so before applying to any credit card, do your homework. ;)

Be happy and keep checking on our topics with our hugs and kisses 💗

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