Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sell Your Donkey!

An old story I heard once, and I couldn't stop laughing for the whole day. I haven't had such hilarious laughter in a long time. The story said that there was a man called "Gohha" who had a boy and a donkey.

One day, he went out with his son, and that donkey. They were walking next to the donkey, so the people started whispering: “See that man walking with his son while they have a donkey, haha!” (The donkey at that time was supposed to be used for commuting or carrying heavy things, etc.) When he heard that, Gohha, got up on the back of the donkey, and his son walked next to the donkey.

The walkers started muttering: “Look at Gohha, what an evil man he is, making himself comfortable, while leaving that poor boy walking on his feet!” 

Gohha didn't like that, so he asked his son to sit on the donkey, after he jumped down, and walked next to them. A man walking by said to Gohha: “What a fool! You let your son sit on the donkey, while you walk, do you have any brains?”

Gohha stopped and thought: “Right, why don't we both ride the donkey!” So he hopped up behind his son on the back of the donkey.

Approaching a field, where a farmer and his wife working on their plants, they lectured him, blaming: “Oh man, don’t you have some mercy? You and your son riding a young donkey like this, shame on you.” Gohha was so tired of thinking how to make people happy. In his despair moments, he asked his son, to carry the donkey with him.

“OMG!”, people kept laughing, “Look at this insane man, instead of riding the donkey he is carrying it, what a big fool!

Gohha decided to sell the donkey that day, I think, but I am not sure actually if he did. 😲

Anyway, when you are in the same situation, what do you think the best solution is? Of course, it doesn't have to be exactly the same. It is just an assumption for the sake of finding good solutions, that might work for the majority. 

Sometimes, one thing works for the majority of people, but not everyone would be happy with the same product/service/ anything else. Although everyone is different and unique yet each one is after novelty if it has some kind of benefit for the person. 

Your own responsibility is  to choose the right service/product/help so you wouldn't end up like Gohha, so exhausted or  else you will end up  selling your donkey. Haha! 😉

We'll talk again in few moments. Stay around with our hugs 😘

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