Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tittle-Tattle Or Gossips!

Remember it all depends on what kind of relationship you pursue!

Long-term relations must be built on solid grounds and trust. You would not allow gossiping about a person you really care for. Your only choice will be either to join them (the gossiping gang), or to say "No". It's that simple!

My dear friends it is not easy to do this, I know. Let me share this with you:

Why Gossiping?
There must be many reasons for gossiping; why else it continues to be there. I know few reasons
goasI assure you, it is not only you, who can be in this situation. It could happen to anyone. Last week, I met a friend downtown Berkeley, he asked me if I was going to adopt a baby? I thought where that came from, and I asked him. He said that in the staff meeting, when I was absent, someone mentioned it when our director recommended my class and I to be a leading group in a certain event.

Unfortunately, that colleague, who said I was busy with adopting a baby, wanted to spread a rumor. LOL! Probably I understood why she came up with such a tittle-tattle. But the question is: Is this ethical? Of course not. She wanted that spot and it was easy for her to say something like that. Her rumor was weak and nobody believed her, but it didn't matter. She lost not only my friendship but also my respect!

What is Gossiping? It's talking about someone who is not present in a bad way, criticizing him/her/hx for any of the above-mentioned causes . In some cultures, the one who is doing the gossip is described as someone who is eating the flesh of his dead brother. This is a horrible imagery. I agree. May be the reason for the resemblance is that it is considered a terrible act. However, if you want to be respected and appreciated by others, you will have to avoid being part of gossips.

Gossiping is good for the media, coz celebrities can get a lot of propaganda by using fake gossips, to be spread among people who are fans or not, but it will make them talk about the movie or  the show. Talk about any media materials via gossiping or rumors make all the difference when it comes to ratings. It is used here for making money.

gosSo gossips can be profitable for some products in the media world, and can be harmful in the real world, because people are human beings, and sometimes invading their privacy is unacceptable and harmful.

In every workplace, there is some kind of gossiping trends; sometimes it hurts, and others not. At the end of the day, gossiping people are fragile. Anything can break them. They live in a world of their imaginations. They are disliked, and they feel it. They are not respected. They have an inferiority complex that make them feel that the whole world is against them. They have poor taste in wording their gossips.

Then how to avoid being part of the gossiping community if really disapprove of such a bad habit? There are many tricks and methods that can help you to do thatOther ways may involve this.

Again my friends, the most important thing to remember is that if you care for strong relationships, you should avoid being involved in any gossips which may harm the ones you love to keep for long-term relationships.

We'll talk soon 😏

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