Friday, June 30, 2017

Know Your Money, Guys!

Hello friends,

Do you know our money?
Tell me about it. The one dollar bill has the photo of who? How about the $2 dollar bill/ the $5/ the $10/the $20/ the $50/ the $100/ the $500, or the $1000? Yes?
$1      | George Washington 

Image result for image george washington

$2  |  Thomas Jefferson 
$5 | Abraham Lincoln Related image

$10 | Alexander Hamilton  Image result for alexander hamilton

$20  | Andrew Jackson  

$50 |  Ulysses s Grant   Image result for ulysses s grant

$100 | Benjamin Franklin Image result for benjamin franklin

$500 | William McKinley  Image result for william mckinley

$1000 | Grover Cleveland   Image result for Grover Cleveland

$10,000 | Salmon P. Chase   Image result for salmon p. chase

100,000 | Woodrow Wilson   Image result for woodrow wilson

So the highest dollar bill is the $ 100,000 which is not used except by the gov. Ordinary people would not have the chance to see or touch such a denomination, for security reasons, of course! 😉

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