Friday, August 25, 2017

Diamond Planet?

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Admittedly, it is amazing to hear that:

Sparkling diamond rain which was theorized to fall on Neptune and Uranus has been created in the laboratory for the first time by scientists.

But where did that come from?

From a team (the US, the UK, & Germany), who were able to create similar conditions that said to be existing inside some of the icy giant planets of the solar system. Doing that, they were able to get tiny diamonds formed.

A thought has been around Neptune and Uranus having extreme high pressures that would affect the carbon atoms in a way, making diamond rain to fall.

Every day we have new amazing info sometimes surprise us, sometimes it's mind blowing, and other times it is just confirming knowledge that we had and were not sure about it.

What is the diamond planet?

It's been few years since researchers discover that planet. Planet 55 Cancri e was believed to be the first known planet to consist largely of diamond, due in part to the high carbon-to-oxygen ratio of its host star.

A cutaway shows the interior of Neptune (left). In an experiment conducted at the Linac Coherent Light Source, researchers used high pressures and high temperatures to simulate the formation of "diamond rain" in the interiors of icy giant planets like Neptune.
Credit: Greg Stewart/SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
The most famous gems on Earth have new competition in the form of a planet made largely of diamond, astronomers say. The alien planet, a so-called "super-Earth," is called 55 Cancri e and was discovered in 2004 around a nearby star in our Milky Way galaxy.

It's a precedent that the kind of diamond rain anticipated by scientists to be falling within the icy humongous planets of the solar system has been created in the lab, but is it still going to be considered real ones? Are they more precious than the ones already exist on Earth? How are they affecting the prices of diamonds on Earth? Who is going to own all that diamond created?

This discovery will create more questions since it is related to a treasure!  😲

NASA is working on getting to that diamond planet, which is said to have huge size diamonds, but how are they going to be able to bring that to Earth? Are they going to cut it into pieces, and bring it to us? Or is it going to be too heavy for the ship to carry?

Well, very questionable, but it could happen sooner than what we think. Are you going to invest in this project? Oh!

Let's think about it until we talk again.
"Good Luck" with our love 😉

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