Saturday, July 8, 2017

Money's Noxious!

Hell Readers,

What is the money?
Most of the money in a modern monetary system is what's called fiat money. Fiat money is money that has no intrinsic value but is used as a medium of exchange because a specific government deems it so. In Latin fiat means “let it be.”
Hence, money has no value in itself. Money is a tool that we invented to use it as a value for things we need such as food, home, services, etc. Money can buy things that are materialistic but not sentimental or emotional commodities, similar to love, pride, or respect.

The importance of money comes from the value the humans assign to it. We put a price for our food, home or shelter, but we cannot put a price for our health. Health comes before money. Then you may ask: "Wouldn't money buy health?"

The answer is "No". It can only help solve some health problems, but it cannot make you a healthy person if you are not. It can buy some med for you to take, or it can buy some medical equipment to keep you alive, but it would not buy the health you need to have to live a normal life.

Money cannot buy you the age you would like to have. You like youth. Do you like to be youth? Money cannot buy age to you. What is the importance of wealth then, if you have all that money but you are 70 years old, and you can no longer act like a 30 yrs old guy. 

You allowed your dream of being wealthy guy to steal you age and to steal your youth although you knew that you had a limited time on Earth. You thought that you'd make it while you were in your 40s but it took you more than that. Alas, no more youth. No wife or husband. No child or kids. You lived for making money. But money cannot buy you life.

Stop believing what you read online about the importance of money. Money has no importance. It's all an illusion that we live. Money is far overvalued. Truly, its definition the way it is now is so noxious. Wake up, guys!

Until we talk again, stay with our greetings and love 💟

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