Friday, July 14, 2017

Equation Money-Energy

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I read an interesting explanation for energy, after stating that energy is never depleted as it is the first law of thermodynamics. It explains that in chemistry, this law is demonstrated in the fact that the amount of heat and work are equal to the total energy change in the system. 

Also after mentioning that the distribution of heat or work can change, but that they will always equal the same energy change because they are part of a closed system.

Related image  The explanation is expressed in the equation of:
   E (energy) =   H (heat)  +  W (work)

   Work =  Energy  -  Heat
   Heat =  Energy -  Work


Then another example is added, to make it clearer for our minds:

           Balance                 =  (Deposited money)  -  (Withdrawn money)
  (in your bank account) 
           Heat                      =       Energy                -        Work

Would this make it more understandable? Does it make more sense? I guess it is, since the checking account, the deposit, or the withdrawal have become essential parts in our life, so even when we try to explain chemistry or thermodynamics, we find ourselves using money or banking terms in order to make it more intelligible to our students!

Let's talk some more. 😊

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