Saturday, July 4, 2020

4th Happy!

♥ Celebrate no matter what! ;) Dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nigeria, India, Turkey, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Indonesia, Pakistan, American Samoa, Honduras, Ukraine, Malaysia, Kenya, and all! ;)

Fireworks are amazing but quite expensive. Perry always asks this question:
"Why don't we save all this money and put it towards the poor people and celebrate modestly?
No answer was given yet coz this thought could have been applied not only for fireworks but for millions of other show-off actions plus you need to celebrate today and clear your mind.oie_PUTqcSAztxRE
Two other questions can be answered:
What is the most expensive firework in the USA?
- Addison, Texas, USA $220,000.
- Seattle, USA $300,000.
- Nashville, USA $500,000.
- Philadelphia, USA $2.1 Million.
- Boston, USA $2.5 Million.
Who brought fireworks to America?
When the Italians immigrated here in the 1870s, they toted their fireworks with them through Ellis Island. “They brought their recipes in little black books and started business over here,” Field said. “Some of these families even created big firework displays for presidential inaugurations.”

Until we chat again, enjoy your 4th of July. Care for each other and be reasonable when dealing with any matter with our hugs and kisses <3BerrylookQatar Airways

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